AR Thought Bubbles

Augmented reality for trade show & displays

Facial tracking plus graphics get people to interact.

Medicus International New York met EMD Serono’s challenge by attracting booth traffic with fresh experiences.

Facial tracking triggers a sequence of thoughts over a user’s head while looking at their reflection in a mirror or monitor.

Samsung on Psych

Digital screen replacement and rig removal in post reduce time on set.

Black Spot produced three funny effects spots with actors from USA’s “Psych” to demo Galaxy S4’s futuristic functions.

New Experiences for Medical Conferences

Next-level Touch Table

Re-purposing static content from posters into an interactive table with a custom graphical interface gets attention
Saatchi Health Care fills the Novartis booth with health care providers at ACR

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Projection Mapping for Marketing

Showtime Grand Central

Large scale CGI trompe l’oeil illusions get noticed and makes tens of thousands impressions on commuters over several days

Viewers are attracted into Showtime’s live event, promoting season-premiere of award winning programs, Homeland & Dexter

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3D Demos for Spots

Never be powerless

CGI products and dimensional graphics

P.S. 260’s Brandname charged up the design for Woods Witt Dealy & Sons in the Duracell Powermat campaign featuring Jay-Z

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Finishing for Spots

Usain, Cesc & Soul by Ludacris

Motion Design, Invisible Fix-it Effects and Conform

Nimbus turned to Broderville Pictures to increase the volume on Soultronic’s headphone campaign.  Spots feature Usain Bolt “The Fastest Man on Earth” and FC Barcelona’s midfielder Cesc Fàbregas

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CGI Design For Upfronts

3D environments transport audiences through digital worlds

Sony Entertainment with Black Spot captures all their blockbuster properties in one wild ride

How do you impress a NYC audience?


3LD and Eyeliner technology create holographic visuals live on stage

American Express kicks off the NYC Partners in Preservation Initiative with Katherine McPhee at the Metropolitan Museum

Mechanism Digital was brought in to help American Express kick off their Partners In Preservation program to choose three sites out of forty NYC landmarks to donate $3million dollars to.  The team’s challenge was to combine a disparate collection of still photos and drawings of historical sites from around NYC and bring them to life for Amex’s press event introduced by Mayor Bloomberg at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Mechanism Digital teamed up with 3LD to employ an Eyeliner, a technology originating from the 1800’s called the Pepper’s Ghost, which uses an invisible high tension sheet plastic to reflect holographic-like imagery. The Eyeliner recently made a splash at Coachella to project Tupac singing “live” with Snoop Dog.  The creative team orchestrated a live stage presentation with cut-out, multi-plane elements from historical photos which unfolded like a pop-up book around Katherine McPhee, the star of TV show “Smash.” while she sang Sinatra’s “New York, New York.”

Killer Sequence & Dark Secrets

Opening Credits for Feature Films

Color treatments and effects evoke emotion in film, putting the audience in a receptive state of mind even before the plot unfolds.

Director Roberto Buso-Garcia styled historic footage to suggest a dramatic backstory of a town’s downfall, its children and a dark secret in “Los Condenados” 

Interactive “Minority Report” Mirror!

Rich Visual Content at Trade Shows

Immersive environments attract crowds and keep people talking about your message

Area 23/DraftFCB used interactive mirrors to explain trends while capturing attendee usage metrics for Genentch/Roche

In Theatres Now!

Finishing Effects for Feature Films

Films become polished in post production

Werc Werk Works blends dark comedy and delirious Midwestern noir. “A crime tale with twists worthy of Hitchcock and dialogue worthy of the Coen Brothers.’ - David D’Arcy, Screen Daily

Have a Heart!

Augmented Reality creates buzz

3 modes for Medical, Sweethearts and VFX fans
HeartCam attracts crowds and gets them talking

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Save on set, go digital?

Invisible Effects for Feature Films

Rig removal and digital makeup techniques make the impossible believable while saving time and money on set

By opting to produce the crash and all scars digitally, “Musical Chairs” director Susan Seidelman, had more creative flexibility throughout production

Centerpiece film at Lincoln Center in the Dance on Camera Festival

How Can Pixels Boost Comprehension?

Computer Imagery for Medical Explanations
Compelling visuals make complicated information approachable and understable



Advertising agency Landmark360 uses 3D animation to help doctors and their patients see microscopic benefits of using Periosheild to prevent disease

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How Can SLRs Add a Striking Edge to Opens?

Creative Services for Television Networks
Hand held SRL photo-sequence technique delivers a gritty feel to show opens and graphics packages

NBC News/ Peacock Producutions strengthened the brands of Dateline and Cloo Network by capturing viewers’ attention through a texural show open 

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